virtualfossilmuseum: Infographics on the unnatural selection of…


Infographics on the unnatural selection of corn, peaches and watermelon

The Evolution of Corn, Watermelon, Peaches and Dogs by Means of Unnatural Selection

Among millions and millions of animal and plant species resulting from natural selection, a relative handful are suitable for mass food production. That prehistoric humans discovered them by trial and error and engaged in unnatural selection (i.e., selective breeding) is the only reason humans could abandon the hunter-gatherer way of life, overpopulate the planet, and precipitate the current ongoing mass extinction event.

And what would we do without Great Danes and Chihuahuas, all descended from an ancestor of Canis lupus (the wolf). A recent analysis of modern dog and wolf genomes reveals that they evolved from a common ancestor between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago — long before humans transitioned to agricultural societies. Since then, humans have bred some pretty diverse and amazing dog variations by means of unnatural selection.

Humans, themselves products of natural selection, are the only animal to discover and use unnatural selection – food for thought.

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